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1st & 2nd Grade
Emmett C     - 218
Alexander B - 113(Missing 8 Scores)
3rd & 4th Grade
Rowan L- 282
Bruce H- 275
Anthony P- 248
Jack G- 240.5
Jack D- 234
Oliver D- 228.5
Trace E- 208
Kai M- 203.5
Fin D- 200 (Missing 4 scores)
Boone F- 176
Joseph L- 173(Missing 4 scores)
Christos K- 161
Sebastian T- 137(Missing 4 scores)
5th & 6th Grade
Frederick K- 306
Grant W- 298.5
Miles D- 287
Jack P- 272
Harrison L- 271.5
Marco C- 265.5
Will S- 249
Luke M- 236(Missing 4 Scores)
Owen V- 233(Missing 4 scores)
Whit W- 218.5
Owen S- 215.5(Missing 4 Scores)
Brendan C- 202(Missing 4 Scores)
Hayden L- 186(Missing 4 Scores)
Ronan G- 173(Missing 8 scores)
Wright G- 168(Missing 8 scores)
Elliot C- 152(Missing 8 Scores)
Nigel A- 139(Missing 4 Scores)
Evan L- 137(Missing 8 Scores)
Cameron M- 60(Missing 16 Scores)
Charlie P- 59.5(Missing 16 Scores)
Fitz H- 50(Missing 14 scores)
Kyle S- Missing 20 scores
7th & 8th Grade
Dylan H- 322.5
Jake L- 297.5
Trevor R- 293.5
Alex B- 289
Anthony C- 275
Walker C- 264.5
Liam N- 232(Missing 4 Scores)
Owen G- 215.5(Missing 4 Scores)
Sammy J- 207.5(Missing 4 Scores)
Tyler L- 187.5(Missing 8 Scores) 
Matt T- 160(Missing 8 Scores)
Hudson H- 97(Missing 12 Scores)
9th Grade
Jackie R- 273
Charles L- 261
Branden M- 249

POWER Hitting League 

1st & 2nd Grade - 2-3pm 
3rd & 4th Grade - 315- 415pm 
5th & 6th Grade - 430- 530pm
7th & 8th Grade - 545-645pm
Freshman - 7-8pm          
Dates- December 3rd
(Playoffs and Championship) DECEMBER 10th

 Playoffs and Seeding:

 The player with the higher point total at the end of the regular season will earn the highest seed. The playoff format is a single game elimination bracket, where players are seeded based on their regular season performance, much like a typical baseball tournament. Whoever wins the single game elimination tournament bracket is the hitting league champion. 

 Hitting League MAKE UP 

Friday, December 8th @6pm
Sign Up
MUST register online to guarantee a spot ALSO we have a 9 player MAX each date.
Registration ends 15 hrs before class starts