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Hitting League

WINTER Hitting League 

 Hitting Leage Scores

1st-3rd Grade 

Finn D- 133 Points
Patrick O- 120 Points
Matthew R- 114.5 Points
Michael M- 100 Points 
Brandan O- 93.5 Points
Jacob S- 93 Points
Hunter W- 90 Points
Samuel K- 75 Points(Missing 3 scores)
John R- 72.5 Points(Missing 3 scores)
Alexander B- 61 Points(Missing 3 scores)

4th-6th Grade

Mateo P- 139 Points
Brendan R- 139 Points
Marcus O- 122 Points
William S- 112.5 Points 
Tommy H- 107 Points
 EJ M- 67.5 Points(Missing 3 scores)
 Grant W- 37.5 Points(Missing 6 scores)


7th-9th Grade


Charles L- 43.5 Points
Andrew S- 36 Points
1st -3rd Grade - 3-4pm
4th -6th Grade - 415-515pm
7th - 9th Grade - 530-630pm


Dates Times
February 4,11
 (Playoffs and Championship) February 18th

 Playoffs and Seeding:

 The player with the higher point total at the end of the regular season will earn the highest seed. The playoff format is a single game elimination bracket, where players are seeded based on their regular season performance, much like a typical baseball tournament. Whoever wins the single game elimination tournament bracket is the hitting league champion.

What if a player can’t make it in one week?
If there is a scheduling conflict, we will offer 1 make-up date
Joe Knudsen & LEVEL UP STAFF