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7 - 9 Years Old


Line DRIVE Hitting Camp -JR
Level UP Staff will coach your player on how to use their hips and hands with the importance of separation in the swing. Each class we will focus on hitting mechanics to help improve the swing but also take live cuts to get the reps it takes to have success this upcoming season.
Ages- 8 - 11yr
Time- 6-7pm
Dates- MARCH 29th
Cost - $50
Minor League Camp (Saturday)
March 25th
Level UP staff are excited to offer one of the finest baseball programs in the area. Players will work on a variety of basic/advanced skills...including but not limited to ...fielding, pitching, hitting, productive outs, ect.... Don't miss this opportunity to stay sharp this SPRING Each player will get the reps required to improve.
Time 9-1030am 
AGES- 7-9yr
Cost- $67
Hitting with a Plan - March
Joe Knudsen and staff will work with the players on hitting the ball with power. Each player will get tips and drills to improve his/her swing and also get live at bats. Don't miss this opportunity to stay sharp this SPRING. This camp players will get the reps required to improve. 
Ages- 7-9yr
Time 9-10am
Cost- $50 per day
Dates- March 26